Best online classes, Same day certificates, State Approved Provider for Continuing Education!  
Best online classes, Same day certificates, State Approved Provider for Continuing Education!  

NYS Accredited Training Provider


Do you need On-Demand, Anytime, or Online classes?




NYS Accredited Training Provider

Need On-Demand, Anytime, or Online classes?

Our Policy?

Essential Service Consultants provides user-friendly, effortless, simple online classes, workshops, trainings, and continuing education. Enroll today in ESC’s NYS child abuse identification and prevention training, NYS mandatory infection control training, and NYS autism training. Enrollment is fast, easy, and simple. No more headache driving anywhere, use phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to complete same day training. No hassle course reporting. Download pdf completion certificate immediately after quiz or test. New York State Office of Teaching and NYS Offices of Profession approved trainings are report directly to the state.  Each course and service is delivered by highly qualified and expert educators who are committed to providing professional and quality education.

Essential Service Consultants offers fully online classes and training. Online learners can go at their own pace (self-paced trainings). Access your course on your time from anywhere and with any device. Same day certificates available. Electronic course reporting directly to New York State. Essential Service Consultants provides trainings to teachers, paraprofessional, teacher’s assistant, other school personnel, nurses, social workers, physicians (doctors), physician assistant, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrist, therapist and many more professions. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to complete a hassle free training? Enroll today!

Online course participants must have access to the Internet, a computer with audio and video capabilities, printer and an email address. End of course certificate for online courses are identical to the same course offered in a traditional classroom. Since, the online courses have the identical course content as the traditional classroom courses; some courses may have a post-test at the end of the course. ESC attendance policies are based on the principle that regular attendance maximizes the student’s interaction with his or her teacher and peers, and is a major component of academic success. Students are expected to attend scheduled classes. See School Catalog for more details on all our policies.


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